Latest Product Release: Calnex SNE

Multi-Port 25GbE in its Multi-Port SNE Platform enabling High Speed Ethernet Network Emulation.

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Multi-port, Multi-user
Network Emulation and Simulation
The Calnex SNE provides industry-leading flexibility in building and modelling complex real-life systems, enabling you to simulate networks and emulate the real world conditions under which applications and platforms need to perform.
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And get predictable infrastructure performance
with Calnex SNE

calnex sne network emulator

A flexible network emulator, to meet all your network testing needs
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Multi-Port and

Any Port to Any Port for total flexibility

16 x 1GbE RJ45 ports or 12 x 10GbE optical ports in one chassis

8 x 10GbE/1GbE optical plus 8 x 1GbE RJ45 ports in one chassis

Mirror port traffic (or filtered packets) to any port for external analysis and recording.

Multi-user: port based allocation under username/password control.

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Visual Network Design

Graphical User Interface

Unique design to build emulations and link together impairments in the order you need.

A flexible UI that runs on Windows, Linux or Mac

Create specific scenarios to meet your testing needs

Link impairments in the order you require and directly control the flow of packets around your simulated network.

Drag and drop from an extensive list of impairments.

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Design networks – build ‘what if’ scenarios to evaluate network changes

Network simulator – WAN simulation using virtual routers

Test application performance – determine how software will perform for the end user on their network before deployment

Optimize performance – adjust application and software settings under replicated networks

Troubleshoot – investigate reported problems and test resolutions without disrupting production traffic.

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Video/Voice applications (IPTC, VoIP, etc)

Mobile subscriber networks (VoLTE, eMBMS, etc.)

Content Delivery networks

Cloud computing/migration

CoS/QoS levels / SLA Verification

LAN/WAN/SD-WAN enterprise networks


ITU-T Y.1731/IEEE 802.1ag operations and maintenance

Satellite links

Telecom/Federal network applications

Carrier WiFi

Cable/broadband networks.

Technical Spec

Calnex SNE Network Emulator products available: 1G, 10G, 25G / 40G

Optical, RJ45 or combination.

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